I received a request for more info about my daily life. I decided to do one of my picture every hour projects yesterday, which was unfortunately a rather dull day. But dull or not, here it is in photographic form!

8:30 Got to my first class of the day and found the midst of a three-legged race! They're always doing some kind of fun physical activity when I show up in the mornings.

9:30 Returned to the dorms where I usually run into this or a different pair of grandmas and babies. This time she was giving him a little ride on my scooter! Cuteness documented.

11:00 Got back from my second class and REALLY needed a nap after that ordeal. 

1:30 I slept through the next few hours, and woke up to Sushi. My lovely friends went to our favorite Japanese restaurant and brought me back food, so I ate it in bed while watching Southpark, mentally preparing for my 2nd graders.

3:00 Rode my bike home from the Primary school after a relatively successful 2nd grade class.

4:00 Walked home after a disastrous preschool class. Got a pep talk from the teacher about being more stern and ALMOST got a little choked up but didn't cry.

MISSING SCENES: Collapsed into  bed and slept for the next 3 hours.

8:00 Put on my fancy new shoes and went out to dinner with Liam, Erik, and Melon near the University we frequent.

9:00 Walked through here on our way to our scooters and home.

10:00 Snapped a quick self portrait for my 365 Days project and then went to bed.

Pretty broring, right? I promise next time I do this picture every hour feature I will choose a slightly more interesting day! Yesterday just happened to be one of those gray quiet sleepy days without a lot going on. They happen everywhere in the world.



12/02/2010 06:04:12

I believe Amanda and myself shall be pilfering your picture and hour idea. Also, Amanda is glad to hear you sleep during the day too.


12/02/2010 17:26:09

Super cute shoes! Love them! xx


12/30/2010 00:39:26

The value of a man is not in his skin, that we should touch him!


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