It hit me back, and I paid the price of one right foot.
This was about a week ago now. I wallowed in self pity for awhile, but that wasn't really accomplishing much, so I decided to accept my new one-footed reality. It's really more inconvenient than it is painful. I used to love walking everywhere, and then there was that whole "carrying objects while walking" ability that went so unappreciated. Never again. Oh well though, what are you gonna do? Live off of instant noodles and watch Naruto for hours on end sounds about right. I took the week off of work and intend to go back into it carefully as of Monday. Not being able to hop skip and run definitely puts some limitations on my teaching style, but again... whaddaya gonna do?

I didn't let it interfere with enjoying my birthday! Luckily I have some great friends who don't mind walking slowly and sitting down for hours and carrying my purse. We went to a famous restaurant in Suzhou, then a bar called Backstreet that was way cozier and cute than the name might lead you to believe. I almost forgot my foot was injured at all.... until I had to use the squat toilet.... 

But you wanna hear the really weird part of all of this? When I lived abroad in France, I broke my other foot in the exact same place in much the same manner. I know! Weird, right? What will happen the next time I attempt to live in another country? I worry for my hands. 


03/14/2011 15:39

You poor thing! Sending quick recovery vibes your way!

03/15/2011 18:32

Rocking the East Atlanta shirt. xoxo

03/19/2011 03:10

Thanks Siobhan... I think they are working!

Cortney: But of course. exes and ohs right back atcha.


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