Springy thoughts 04/06/2011
Much of Tomb Sweeping day I'll recall in flashes of color.
Especially the last image will linger with me, because the whole beautiful sunny afternoon was spent with Keke, looking at me through the  lens of her camera. She is my friend whom I can't really communicate with, yet yesterday we spent the whole day together quite contentedly. We went for a swim at the local gym, then on an epic bike journey all around Wuzhong to see the flower fields and the scenes of Wan Mountain. We ate strawberries and mangoes underneath plum blossom trees and rode really fast down hills. It was lovely.

But why is it that spring and all the buzzing love and life is always tinged with its yang of sadness? There always seems to be a reminder of decay, of impermanence, maybe because this season is so fleeting. It's like Spring is sort of drunk and dreamy, forgetful of all the hard edges surrounding the rest of life. We chose not to sit at one rock because on the other side, we saw the corpses of tiny puppies. This was also the day that a friend's heart was broken by another friend.  

I find it amazing every time winter melts away. It's like it lasts so long and hurts so much, it's impossible to imagine life before it. But then the warmth and colors roll over you and make you intoxicated, and before you know it it's winter again.



04/06/2011 17:30:30

What a beautiful day.


donna Robertson

04/07/2011 07:51:22

What beautiful pics....especially the last one. And, the commentary is so beautifully written.


Jill Williams

04/08/2011 09:51:39

What a beautiful young lady!!


move over Maya Angelou...welcome Katie Robertson

04/09/2011 09:00:57


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