Are you surprised? It’s the mustard cardigan again! With some mustard socks thrown into the bargain. Actually I don’t really love this photo that much, but I snapped it quickly before running out to the grocery store and I really like what I’m wearing. This is one of the only times you will EVER see me in a t-shirt, it’s from my school where I teach now and it is black and yellow so I kinda like it.

Everything is from Chinese fashion markets except the Target socks and the big scarf from France.



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    wtf is ZOMBIE LACE?

    This is a spinoff of the original vintage fashion blog that started it all for me, "Zombie Lace" (http://zombielace.blogspot.com). However, as that blog is hosted through blogger.com, it is inaccessible to me in China, so my strange need to talk about my clothes spills out here. 



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