It's not really a nightgown, but it kind of reminds me of one because it is just as comfortable and I love the loose shape like a man's shirt for sleeping in. This whole outfit is very chinese not just because I've bought all of it here, but because people love to wear their slippers out in public! I'm all for it.

I've noticed a trend with myself where I don't post outfits as frequently in the winter. I'll try to get over that habit!

Dress: Honey
Everything: Chinese fashion markets and shops etc.

Also, big bows? Moi? I always said that I look young enough without the little girl touches so popular here, yet here I am loving a gigantic bow in my hair. I still haven't accepted the chinese trend of wearing little stuffed animal heads on anything conceivable like earmuffs or mittens.


02/16/2011 05:32

Oh my lord!!! You are just too amazing at you work. I too agree with your opinion and it is true that such things keep happening. I am just too amazed and wish to write one day like you and make others and myself proud too. Hats off!!!


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