you made it I knew you would!

Had to face my nightmare 3rd graders today, but I had a friend along for some support and he blew me out of the water with his crazy kid wrangling skills! The rest of my day has been filled with coloring and hugs from my wee babies. God I love them!

Blouse, shoes, collar: Wujong fashion market finds
Cropped blazer and jeggings: H&M

I originally started using the term 'jeggings' to make fun of it because I thought it was ridiculous, but it weasled its way into my regular vocabulary, and I find myself saying it without a flinch of irony. Oh well, isn't that something fun about language? The way it evolves right under our noses? 

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    wtf is ZOMBIE LACE?

    This is a spinoff of the original vintage fashion blog that started it all for me, "Zombie Lace" (http://zombielace.blogspot.com). However, as that blog is hosted through blogger.com, it is inaccessible to me in China, so my strange need to talk about my clothes spills out here. 



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