Now that I have a broken foot, I gotta find ways to dress keeping a bare leg warm and preferably concealed since this big ole cast isn't the most attractive footwear I've ever been seen in. 

I've opted for long skirts (dare I use the trendy terminology of "maxi" skirt?). I bought this one on taobao, the amazing online Chinese fashion resource. Laying in bed, Taobao has greatly entertained me. I can't read anything, but I can click around and follow the photos for hours. Then all I need's a Chinese friend to help me do the buying!

Sorry for poor image quality, but I didin't want to hop back and forth taking 100 shots.

Skirt: taobao
Flats: Target
Scarf: France
Old man sweater: Thrift store
Top: Love Culture
Glasses: Chinese fashion market

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