Side pony tails? Can they come out of that 80s vault and play now or should they be permanently banished?

Also, I went and did it. I got another poncho. But I think it's appropriately different from the other one to merit its addition to my wardrobe! No regrets.

Poncho, under leggings and shirt, boots,. glasses: Chinese fashion markets
Shorts: H&M

I love your style so much , great ideas and good tastes of outfits , so original and perfect , so cute !


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    wtf is ZOMBIE LACE?

    This is a spinoff of the original vintage fashion blog that started it all for me, "Zombie Lace" (http://zombielace.blogspot.com). However, as that blog is hosted through blogger.com, it is inaccessible to me in China, so my strange need to talk about my clothes spills out here. 



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