I've been in a dream-like state since returning to Georgia for my brief visit home. Jet lag compels me to fall into a coma in the middle of the afternoon and rise before the cock crows at 5 am. One of the first things I did was go into my parents' attic and dig out some of my old clothes that were put away. I immediately put on this Gunne Sax slip/skirt (worn as a dress) and was inspired to do a country dustbowl girl type look from there.

Gunne Sax skirt/dress: Thrifted
Shawl worn as scarf: Mom
Old man sweater: Gift from China
Boots, knee socks, bag: Chinese fashion markets 


I am really happy to have come across this blog. I would be subscribing to your blog's feed. This way I can read all the good stuff you write. I feel motivated after reading your blog. Thank you…


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    wtf is ZOMBIE LACE?

    This is a spinoff of the original vintage fashion blog that started it all for me, "Zombie Lace" (http://zombielace.blogspot.com). However, as that blog is hosted through blogger.com, it is inaccessible to me in China, so my strange need to talk about my clothes spills out here. 



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